VERY SPECIAL XTRA THANX to......... chiudi X

And VERY SPECIAL XTRA THANX to all the people that have supported me, in particular...


... Franz Di Palma, Marko Simic, Michele Robecchi, Valeria Davossa, Francesco Casoli, Ni&Na, Gianluca Cardoni, Luciano Mannucci, Stefano Cirelli, MCS, my family, my love Sabrina, music, Demetrio Sartorio, Luca Molina, Federico Pedrocchi, Elena Rossi, Pippo Panenero, Mammadů Family, Beata Vergine Primary School, la Mirkella, Santa Marta Secondary School, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, Atari, Margoni Family,,,,,, Ascanio Celestini, black and white Tv, Stanley Kubrick, ROSSINI "La Gazza Ladra" Overture, King Tongue, Bazar Studio, Analix Forever, Geneva, Suisse, Performance by PFM, Area, Laigueglia, Amsterdam, Ketama Valley, Punx before ‘84, The Court of The King Crimson, Angel Witch, AC/DC with Bon Scott. Iron Maiden with Paul Di Anno, the first three Metallica albums, the first Motorhead, Judas Priest, Saxon and Scorpions, Accept, Renata, Mercyful Faith, Cronos, Mantas, Abbadon, Lampugnano Teatro Tenda, Leoncavallo in Leoncavallo Street, all Hard Core ‘80 bands, ND, NO, No Cops, No Pigs, Fascist Pigs, Suicidal Tendencies, No Mercy, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys (Nazi Punx Fuck-Off), S.O.D., Contro Potere, Agnostic Front, C.O.C., Beastly Rude, Anti Straigth Edge Hard Core Milano, Slayer, the lisergics years in Milano with all my friends, Gialla+Nerone, the Sciur Botti & Chicco, Gescal of San Carlo, THC, Trash Core Kontingent Cavour, Carolo Borromeo, ‘87‘88‘89 Curva Sud Ultras AC Milan, Rommel, DIpus, Ganesh, Krem, Karmagnola + Pergola, LSD and Beasty Boys, Sempione Park before ‘90, Montains and Sea, Peter, peace and love, web free comunication, no churh, no power, no world leaders, no G (F**K number???), no kill for eat, no fear °_°


I surely forgot many other names and good things. If you are among those, please make me happy and send me an email. And very special xtra thanx to......... YO_° ciao ciao

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